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What to expect from a consultation

Naturopathy is a healthcare approach that emphasises the support and stimulation of the body's natural healing abilities, aiming to enhance overall health and well-being. It integrates traditional healing methods with modern biomedical knowledge and evidence-based medicine to offer comprehensive and holistic care to patients.


During consultations, we conduct a thorough evaluation of various factors that contribute to your health. We prioritize identifying and addressing the root causes of illness rather than solely focusing on symptom management. Factors such as lifestyle, diet, emotional well-being, and environmental influences are carefully considered. Our goal is to remove any obstacles to healing while simultaneously supporting and amplifying the body's inherent healing processes.

The following therapeutic tools may be utilised in your consultation, if required:


Food as medicine

Lifestyle modifications

Herbal medicine

Nutritional supplementation

Functional testing, including:

Stool testing

Blood testing

Hair testing

Naturopath herbal dispensary Kyneton and Gisborne
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